Why am I always hungry?

We’ve all been in that place where we’ve eaten breakfast but by the time we get to work our tummies are rumbling and we have to sit there while it lies to everyone in the room that we don’t feed it.


We all get those afternoon cravings for a cookie with our coffee, a chocolate bar or just a handful of sweets for the much needed sugar rush…


 It’s important that we feed our bodies correctly…most of us who are ‘aiming to be healthy’ restrict ourselves too much and don’t eat the appropriate amount of food our bodies need to function.

Our bodies require a baseline to function – each of us are uniquely formed and so require a unique amount of calories based on our bodies shape, size, growth rate and activity levels. If we don’t meet that minimum requirement then our bodies will hold on to what we do feed it, which often leads to difficulties in losing weight and metabolic problems.

Maybe at breakfast we’ve only had time for a piece of fruit and a slice of toast, or maybe we’ve had a sugary bowl of cereal. When we reach for foods that are labelled ‘nutritious’, and ‘a great start to the day’ we need to be careful…often breakfast foods are convenient and filled with sugar – you would be amazed at how much sugar you are consuming at breakfast. READ YOUR LABELS…DO NOT BE FOOLED BY ‘PORTION SIZE’.

| Start your day with a balance – this is what kick starts your metabolism. DO IT WELL |

| Eat according to the balance of fruit, grains (fibre), protein and healthy fats |


It’s okay if you need to reach for a healthy snack between breakfast and lunch – just choose wisely –  It will keep you satisfied and save you from having a sugar dip and craving that chocolate bar. When you reach this stage you’ll be in a weak state of mind and it will be easier to give in!

Think healthy – veggies and hummus, a handful of nuts and an apple, some greek yoghurt and berries, an oat cake with some peanut butter or fruit spread.


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