Hi Rethinkers,

Marriage is about compromise as I’m finding out all too well but what we’ve also been journeying through is the balance of health.

I am high on the healthy mind scale –  I’m focused, I always push myself and I aim to eat healthy everyday. I’m always thinking about how to increase my fruit, veg, fibre, polyunsaturates, activity levels and whatever else I can increase to be healthy!

Mr Rethink is quite the opposite – he is busy all day every day and so ‘doesn’t have time’ to eat healthy meals, prep and exercise – it’s whatever is handy when he’s hungry or whatever is cheapest in the local shop.

As you can imagine this imbalance causes numerous debates in our house, tireless efforts to ‘improve’ each other and provides great entertainment for our parents and siblings! But it has got me thinking…

I am more aware of the balance we need in our lives.  I can see that some of my thoughts are excessive and obsessive.  I am more aware of how individual bodies function and require various diets, it’s not a one way fits all theory…


We are seeing changes in both of us – changes for the good of both of us…more variety, fruit, veg and flavours are being added for HIM, while some well deserved rest, and a more relaxed approach to life rather than strict, rigid rules are being taken on by HER.

Healthy is a balance – you can be too strict and you can be too relaxed. We don’t want to be at either end of the scale, we need to make an effort to choose well, exercise well and rest well. It’s all about balance. 

We haven’t got it all figured out – in fact I don’t think we ever will but it’s about taking one day at a time, focusing our minds on what we want to achieve that day and following our desires to become a healthier, improved and better version of you!


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