Back to porridge…literally.

Hi Rethinkers,

The last month has been a little hectic and brought a lot of change but we are ‘back to porridge’ as the saying goes.

Porridge is a healthier alternative to the sugary cereals that we’ve munched on for years not realising that the sugar content in a portion of 30g is sky high! Porridge is a slow-release carbohydrate and full of fibre, keeping our bodies fueled throughout the entire morning.  

It’s important for me to point out that porridge must be eaten in conjunction with a balanced diet and appropriate exercise. Porridge will refuel our bodies after exercise, ensuring the glycogen stores are replenished and that we are sufficient energy to get us through our morning.  It’s important to eat in line with your activity levels and work demands.


Porridge is a great way to add in some little extras… a handful of nuts, berries or seeds, gives an extra boost of protein, minerals and vitamins that our bodies need. It is an easy way to get in one of your 5 a day and be ready to take on an active morning. It is also a great warmth on these cold autumn mornings and truly sets you up for the day!

Think about what you are eating – think about why you are eating what you are – enjoy experimenting and making healthy choices – eat in accordance to your activity levels and love the healthy relationship you can have with food!


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