With a busy week ahead it’s all about prepping today – being prepared to take lunch and dinner with me every day – seems like a very daunting thought but I wanted to share with you some quick and handy tips to show you how prepping can ease the stress of the week ahead.

The first and best tip I can give you may seem very obvious but one that we completely ignore and thus make meal prepping hard for ourselves. 

  1. Think Ahead.

Take a few minutes to think about what your week looks like; where will meals be eaten? How long do you have to eat them? Do all meals need to be portable? Will you have access to a microwave/oven to warm up etc. These simple yet vital points will help to shape how and what you prep.

I’m on the go a lot this week so I need quick and easy meals. Pasta dishes for lunch are going to give me more energy to hold me over the whole afternoon and into the late evening before I get a chance to eat again. So logically I cook a lot of pasta, add some variety to each tub (tuna, chicken, peppers, broccoli, sweetcorn, the list is endless) and that’s it – lunches sorted! (You can do some rice/quinoa/sweet potato to add variety.)

Something to eat later on then…some soup/salad is portable and after carbs at lunch something light will be all I need and not too heavy before I go to bed and get some well deserved rest for the madness of the next day. Tub up your favorite salad combinations and have them in the fridge ready to go for the next few days, then restock when you empty the tubs!

     2. Don’t forget about snacks.

We can all be meal focused when we are prepping – lunch and dinner sorted but what happens when we get that afternoon lull, sudden drop in energy and need something to give us a boost. Don’t forget about snacks – you may not need them and may be able to survive on the 2 meals you’ve prepped but at least they are there if you need them or your work colleague gets a little peckish! Put a handful of nuts in a tub, throw a few bits of fruit / veg sticks in your bag, place some oat cakes or crackers in a sandwich bag and you’re ready to go.

     3.  Keep calm.

The thought of meal prepping is enough to stress people out and put them off completely. Let it be something you enjoy – when you have finished you will feel a lot more organised and ready to take on the business of another week, I promise you that. The week seems less stressful and less daunting when you know you have one part of it organised.

It really doesn’t take that long – how hard is it to cook a little extra pasta for lunch when you are making dinner? How long does it take to put some crackers in a bag? It doesn’t need to be complicated – enjoy it!

For more tips why not sign up for Rethink Routine – running for the month of September in Lurgan and Portadown. Email: 


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