Does it always have to be losing?


When we think about nutrition we seem to have a default that it’s all about losing; cutting out and slimming down. I wanted to get you thinking about nutrition and the different forms of it.

What is nutrition?

‘ the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth ‘

is what the dictionary tells us. When we want to make ourselves healthier it’s not just about cutting out foods; it’s about increasing certain elements, reducing others and creating a balance. It is not a one ‘diet’ fits all mentality but a unique structure, balance and makeup of what suits and is best for your body.

Nutrition doesn’t just involve ‘going on a diet’, what about those who need to gain weight? Those struggling with eating disorders, those who want to become the best sports person they can be, those who have been through trauma and need to healthily return to their ideal weight and those who work a highly active job?

Nutrition is for EVERYONE, no one gets left out! We all need some help with our balance and how we work out what our body needs.

It’s important that we are aware that everyone can be educated on what we eat, how we eat and how much we eat. There is a wide spectrum and we all fit on it somewhere.

To further the point – maybe we should look at the definition of ‘diet’, we all have this preconceived notion that it means to increase fruit and vegetables and cut down on sugary snacks in order to fit into a bikini, swim suit, or smaller pair of trousers we bought for ourselves for ‘motivation’. The dictionary says;

‘ the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eat.’ 

Is that surprising? Diet is what we eat on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Diet is what our routine consists of. Of course we have to analyse the content of our diet to ensure it’s healthy but diet has been misused in our society, to distort our understanding of it to be a limited calorific intake.

Then there is the massive WHY? There are many reasons why we eat – nutrition becomes tangled up easily in psychology; our view of ourselves, past experiences, how we want to look, our feelings and emotions, the business of our day, the list is endless. Some we have control over, others we do not. We all need a little help to get it aligned and straightened out yet we are all quick to look at others and judge them for their size, what they are eating, if they really need it, if they should be eating something less or something more.

But next time…think – we are all different, we all need different things, we all feel different things, we all respond differently…worry about you, and what you are doing to help yourself.

Below is a link to classes that are starting in September – sign up and come along to find out more about how you can be more in control, start and healthy routine and RETHINK your lifestyle!

Rethink Routine


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