Back to porridge…literally.

Hi Rethinkers,

The last month has been a little hectic and brought a lot of change but we are ‘back to porridge’ as the saying goes.

Porridge is a healthier alternative to the sugary cereals that we’ve munched on for years not realising that the sugar content in a portion of 30g is sky high! Porridge is a slow-release carbohydrate and full of fibre, keeping our bodies fueled throughout the entire morning.   Continue reading “Back to porridge…literally.”

Being active…

The feared word…EXERCISE! Who feels sick even hearing the word, hands up?!

What if we change it from something that is feared to something we feel challenged by? No matter how fit or unfit you are, everyone can be challenged.  Everyone can train themselves to be better, to run faster, longer, to do 10 more push ups, to not be out of breath at the top of the stairs. There is always a challenge, find your challenge and strive for it. Make it your aim to reach it, smash it and then challenge yourself more!

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Hello Rethinkers,

Hydration is one of those things that gets bypassed, forgotten about and deemed unnecessary. How many of us don’t think about drinking water until we have dry mouths, feel a little light-headed or have a pounding headache?

The problem is…when we experience these symptoms we are already dehydrated. We are in a state where our body has lost more water than it is taking in.  To understand the effects of this, we need to comprehend why we need water, and let me assure you it’s not just to quench your thirst!  Continue reading “Hydration”



With a busy week ahead it’s all about prepping today – being prepared to take lunch and dinner with me every day – seems like a very daunting thought but I wanted to share with you some quick and handy tips to show you how prepping can ease the stress of the week ahead.

The first and best tip I can give you may seem very obvious but one that we completely ignore and thus make meal prepping hard for ourselves.  Continue reading “Prepping…”

First blog post

Hi Rethinkers,

This is very brave and very out of my depth but I think it’s time for me to embrace the scary world of internet blogging! 

My hope for this blog is that it will encourage, motivate and guide many of you through the journey of creating a healthier you – a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy family. We all strive for and want to be ‘healthy’ but when we are being honest with ourselves we find it hard – find it hard to be organised enough to make that packed lunch in the morning and find it hard to fit in a 10 minute workout never mind a half an hour run.

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